• Tele-Sales.

- subscription request.
- achieve sales target.
- Lead Generation.
- home delivery (Order Taking & Processing).
- product information request.
- cross-selling & up-selling.

  • Tele-Marketing.

- Announce new product.
- Deliver company message.
- General & Product Information Lines.
- Campaigns.
- Market research & survey.
- Response to Advertisement.

  • Information like Registration for seminars and events.

Hi-connect provides event registration and confirmation of attendance by our agent in the call center or online for conferences, trade fairs, seminars and other corporate events.

  • Auto Surveys.

Automating surveying ensures consistent, reliable customer feedback, and avoids the need to retrain staff as team member’s change over time. Where the system conducts a random customer survey to find out the level of service and satisfaction with it.