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-Value Diversity
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Potential Solutions.

HI-Connect strategy for the call center services is to become cost effective function as part of our client’s business process.
We provide the best quality call center process outsourcing for our clients by focusing in two main quality motivators.
The first one is continuously sustaining, rewarding and developing highly skilled teams.
The second one is continuously following the domain best practice and latest technology.
As HI-Connect expertise in many sectors specially the health sector in Egypt, we understand the urgency and criticality of this sector and we also understand the customer sensitivity in dealing with the health services providers.
From this perspective we build the suitable process, teams for each of our client.
HI-Connect offer a wide range of call center service including both inbound and outbound calls.
We provide bilingual services in both Arabic and English. HI-Connect provide higher leveraged services to its client’s by running a set of processes like:


-Registration for seminars and events

Customer Service Provide Information Schedule appointments

-Verify patient insurance coverage
-Make reminder or post visit – surgery care
-Complain handling Results information
Pre-Authorization (Lab ….)

Virtual Office

-Support desk

6 Focus areas

There are many roles in a company that require specific competences and applications that cater to these roles. Aastra offers a comprehensive set of tools that address these different needs and are tailored to fit the various user profiles, yet flexible enough to integrate into a wide variety corporate environments. Coupled with our mobility portfolio Aastra offers a unique advantage enabling users to access their services wherever they are, through various interfaces/devices.

Mirel Collaboration suite provides the right mix of communication tools for Your culture environment and for maximizing your business value. With Mirel Collaboration suite you always communicate at your terms with the user in focus

Mirel  has a over ten years experience with Mobile solutions. Our mobility Solutions offer you true flexibility in the daily work. whether you are in Office or on the move, in a cost-effective and efficient way. e in the

Mirel Unified Messaging is an essential integrated part of the Mirel Collaboration suite and puts you in control of your communication with access To your messages anytime and anywhere.

is a multimedia contact centre that gives the customer and agent the opportunity to communicate in the manner of their choice.

The attendant is the point in the company where all your Unified Communication Needs meet. Mirel Attendant is a well integrated part in the Mirel Collaboration Suite and provides a broad range of functionality independently of platform.

Mirel Contact Centre is a highly flexible multimedia solution, which Includes all you need to make your customers more satisfied and your Business more efficient and cost-effective.

Mirel in Touch, a fully featured soft phone application, empowers your business Communication. In Touch is an integral part of Mirel Collaboration suite and Integrates well with external environments, such as Microsoft OCS and IBM same time.

The intelligence in the system that takes care of the routing, skills-based on most that the customer is helped by appropriate agent. making sure

The inbuilt Interactive Voice Response of Solidus eCare allows customers to use self services. It is a graphical tool that makes it possible to create all kinds of call flows, ask for and retrieve information, and interface with databases.

The management applications include the Configuration Manager where you configure the set up of your contact centre with for example users, skills, service groups and media flow, the Information Manager where it is possible to see real-time information, and the Report Manager which comprises historical data and reports. All the applications are windows-basament and easy to use.

The agent application includes the means for handling all the different incoming media. Furthermore, it provides agents with the option of having screen pop-ups and real-time information on queue us and other information on their desktops as well as wall displays. With the Operator in the Contact Centre functionality an agent are able to transfer the call to the destination while offering special handling to the customer as Operator calls.

Provides agents with the means to handle and take care of outbound telephony, thereby making it possible to create telemarketing campaigns with power dialling.


Mitel’s UC and Collaboration Suite- It is all about business communication Mitel’s Collaboration suite fits every business need Mitel provides a comprehensive suite of integrated Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration tools for every business need. We believe that the right mix of applications increases business productivity and improves customer business performance by evolving and supporting enterprise business processes.

Mitel’s open interfaces offerings give our customers a wide range of possibilities A strategic cornerstone for Mitel is to strive to provide open solutions based on industry accepted standards for all our products. Mitel’s application portfolio is built on open standards using SIP as a key factor preventing customers from being locked into a certain environment. This openness enables our cust s the choice integrate 3rd p y collaboration applications, such as Microsoft® OCS or IBM® Sametime® Unified Telephony, as a part of the total communication package. Additionally, we provide open application interfaces, such as SIP, CSTA V3 or XML Open standards and open interfaces with mobility as an integral part allowing our customers to make self-paced migrations.

Mitel’s strong local presence puts the customer’s specific needs in focus Mitel applications have a truly user centric approach. All [our] applications are designed with focus on the user and for us, a customer centric approach means working with you. Our local presence together with our partners and integrators enable us to add value through our understanding of the market and the technology trends. But more importantly, it is about listening to you By better understanding your business needs, we are in a better position to choose components that offer value and create Effective communications the right Mitel’s UC and Collaboration Suite-It is all about business communication Mitel’s goal is to offer innovative and high quality Unified Communications applications for business users, contact center agents and attendants with the support of automated services to create process-integrated communication services. With process-integrated communications, we mean communications that not only supports the company’s processes but also becomes an integral part of them. In this way, the applications assist companies to achieve productivity gains and improve the business.

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