DMS is the Middle East and Africa’s largest software producers in the Healthcare, finance ,and industrial sector. Due to the continuing research & development, and the accumulated business knowledge, DMS achieved an impressive growth record.

UNITELL Company founded to be the A to Z system integrator partner for IT and telecom integrated solutions and services to large and mid-sized commercial, industrial, and government entities

National Technology was born with a goal to provide Laboratory Information Systems and by end of 1997 the first simple LIS developed by National Technology was installed in Egypt. In 1998, the first analyzer was interfaced to the LIS and by 1999 National Technology took its current legal shape and started a true success story.

The beginning of social health insurance in Egypt as a main system for providing health care services dates back to 1964, when many legislations were issued that were directed mainly to the workforce of workers and employees and the work environment and concerned with work injuries and their compensation, and some models of sick care.